If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


Exceptional service and professionalism are the first thoughts that come to my mind when I think of Dr. Malan and his office staff. We arrive and are helped right away. All four of my children and myself have had our orthodontic treatment there. We get the highest quality & leading edge treatment! We love Roxann and the staff and we love Dr. Malan. We love our smiles!!

– Lael (mom and patient)


It has been a wonderful experience, and the work performed on my teeth has been phenomenal. The bottom line is that it has just been so professional and positive that I decided to bring my wife for braces too. The staff has been very helpful and nice every time.

– Israel (patient)


As parents of children with braces, we have really appreciated the extra convenience of working within our means. We have 5 children—2 in braces and 1 coming up. The convenience of being able to stay in Kingsburg for appointments is priceless. We love the friendly and personal attention we get. When it is time for our youngest to get his braces—it will definitely be with Dr. Malan.

– Andrea (patient's mother)


We came to Dr. Malan as the third & final consultation. Previous assessments varied significantly to yours, both in treatment and price. Your approach from the start had my son's best interest in mind and earned his trust and confidence. Previous consultations prior to you spoke of significant time in braces and up to 4 teeth being removed. Within 22 months, my son had perfectly straight teeth and more significantly, all his teeth! This was achieved ahead of the anticipated timeline.

Thank you for all that you did to navigate an awkward period in a teenager's life to one with a full confident smile!

– Mary Ann (patient's mother)


The office staff and Dr. Malan care about me as an individual. They are prompt and courteous and always remember the little details. I would recommend this office to anyone.

– Lesley (patient)


We are now on our fourth and final round of orthodontic treatment from Dr. Malan. Our three children all had very positive experiences with their treatment and loved the interaction with the office staff there. They are all very proud of and protective of their new smiles---it has improved their self-esteem and confidence immeasurably! Now Mom, is having her smile beautification and I am thrilled with the results I have seen so far! We have and would recommend Dr. Malan to anyone seeking a good experience and great results! 

– Carla (mom and patient)


Our experience with Dr. Malan has been exceptional. We visited two other orthodontists before choosing Dr. Malan. The convenience of having an office in Kingsburg was one factor in our decision. But, the most important thing was the professional atmosphere of his office and the friendliness of his staff. We have been extremely pleased with our experience with Dr. Malan.

– Jerolyn (patient's mother)


We have had our 3 sons smiles perfected by Dr. Malan and his staff. Our boys are very pleased with the way their smiles turned out. The staff at Dr. Malan's office really make our visits pleasant and timely. Roxanne is very accommodating with scheduling appointments, which is really important when you have 2 sons in braces at the same time.

We also were happy with the payment arrangements; they did a great job dealing with our insurance and made the billing clear and understandable.

We would highly recommend Dr. Malan and his staff. 

– Jeff (patient's father)


All the staff treated me very kindly. Every time I walked in I was greeted. Its kind of funny I was so nervous about getting my braces on, but then Dr. Malan would tell me what he was going to do so I would be prepared for what he was about to put in my mouth. It helped me get through the process with less stress. I feel excited with my new smile because, now I don't need to smile without showing my teeth. I can proudly show my smile to other people.

– Ethan (patient)


Taylor has been our 4th and final child to be under Dr. Malan's care for orthodontics. We have been treated supremely well by Dr. Malan and his staff throughout. Most of all, our children knew the staff cared about their work, their patients, and their parents. Thank you for all that you have done to help.

– Chip (patient's father)

Ann Marie

I have been in treatment for around 2 yrs. I was referred to Dr. Malan from my dentist and friends for his great reputation in his work and how he handles each person individually. When there were issues in other procedures that needed to be done and the other party could not handle things properly, he would fight for my rights to get it done the way it should and never settle for less. Always thinking about the fairness for me, his patient. His staff has worked with me 100%. I would recommend him to anybody that has dental problems like me, because I know he's there till the end, never leaving anything just half fast or just settling for less than the best.

– Marie (patient)


Our experience with Dr. Malan and his office staff have been wonderful. We have seen a big change in ours son's smile. We have not had a problem with his braces. The office staff was helpful with questions that I may have had. It has been wonderful to be able to come to Kingsburg for his visits. It's great that Dr. Malan has 2 office locations.

– Christina (patient's mother)


As I went through Dr. Malan's office through my whole braces experience I really enjoyed the friendliness of the workers that helped me get a beautiful smile. Every single step of the treatment was done really well and explained in terms that I could understand. My new smile looks fantastic and I have a lot of compliments. Thank you Dr. Malan and staff for making my smile even better and brighter than before.

– Justin (patient)


Our son was older when he decided he wanted to have braces. Dr. Malan's office welcomed him, made him very comfortable. They worked around his college schedule and helped him progress quickly. His experience was very positive. Thank you Dr. Malan

– Susan (patient's mother)

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